Tuesday, 20 September 2011

PokerStars Marketing Codes

PokerStars is still the leading Online Poker Site even after what poker players now call the Black Friday of Poker. So to help players who wish to sign up at the world largest Online Poker Site we are explaining to players who would like to ask what is a PokerStars Marketing Code?

What is a PokerStars Marketing Code used for?

PokerStars Marketing Codes are used the same way as other sites would use bonus codes. This is one of the main reasons players should insert a pokerstars marketing code when signing up to PokerStars.

What is the Best PokerStars Marketing Code to use?

There is a number of different PokerStars Marketing Codes on offer. But the best thing to do is search for a trusted online poker website that offers a PokerStars Marketing Code. This is why we suggest using PokerNewsBoy.com's Pokerstars Marketing Code as they are now seen as one of the most trusted brands when is comes to Poker Websites.

What does a PokerStars Marketing Code look like?

PokerStars Marketing Codes come in all different shapes and forms but the easiest way to tell if you are using a PokerStars Marketing Code is to check if the first 3 letters start with PSP. If you just do a quick google search for PokerStars Marketing Code you will see what I mean. The trusted sites will be using a PokerStars Marketing Code that starts with PSP. Take the PokerNewsBoy PokerStars Marketing Code again as an example: PSP13785. You can see the code they use also starts with PSP. This is usually the easiest way to tell if you are inserting the proper PokerStars Marketing Code

Since the majority of the US can no longer play at PokerStars we have decided to add the best Poker Bonus we could find on the internet:

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